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Fresh Customer Service®

Fresh Passion - "Get A Brand Or Die A Generic"

Treat the employee as #1 and the customer as #2 and you will get customers for life. Companies must find a meaningful way to engage employees and empower and equip them to be able to deliver a world-class customer service experience.

Michael D. Brown Global Management Expert • Author • Speaker • Coach


Through his 18 years of broad industry experience, consulting with entrepreneurs, small business owners and working inside of Fortune 100 companies, Michael D. Brown is uniquely prepared and well positioned to quickly get to the root cause of the problem. As a leading authority on delivering fresh results, he is then able to propose simple-to-execute, low-cost and positive impacting bottom line solutions.

He is the author of author of Fresh Passion: Get A Brand or Die A Generic, Fresh Customer Service®: Treat the Employee as #1 and the Customer as #2 and You Will Get Customers for Life and Fresh Passion Leadership: Become a Distinct, Branded Leader or Extinct Generic.